Monday, December 03, 2007


Alphabets of Desire

Here's something you're going to want. Todd Klein is making available an 11x17 inch print, lettered by him and newly written by Alan Moore. (All but the top section of the following image has been blurred, but it gives enough of an idea what we're looking at.)

Klein explains what this is all about.
"I launched my website and blog on July 3rd of this year, and as part of it I included some items for sale: two prints I produced in the 1990s, the book I co-authored on lettering and coloring, some original lettering on overlays, and two music CDs. The first week sales were brisk, and I made enough to recover most of my setup costs for the site, so I was very pleased. The second week sales were pretty good, the third week so-so. By the middle of August, they’d trailed off to almost none. Obviously the old stuff had reached everyone who wanted it. I began to think about producing something new to sell. But, what? Another Lettering Sampler? I’d done that, and a variation didn’t seem likely to be a big success. Then the thought came: what if I asked one of the writers I work with to write something for me to letter? Call in a favor, so to speak. The most obvious choices were Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore, but Neil is always so busy, and usually gallivanting around the globe on promotional or signing tours. Alan seemed like the one to approach first. He’s usually home, he usually answers the phone when I call him. The worst that could happen was that he’d say no."

Suffice it to say, Alan didn't say no. He wrote a new text piece "about letters as magic," and Klein got to work lettering it. And now you can order your very own. And they're signed by Alan and Todd! So what are you waiting for?!

A few people in my circle of friends are going to drool over this...
Thanks for the tip, Chris!
And at $16, it's really a steal, too!
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