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(via) Holy cow, this looks good.

Sadly, though, while the official site says that Dogstar is set to start airing the last week of November in Australia, and is already airing or soon will be in Africa, Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland, Latin America, and the Seychelles for god's sake, I don't see any sign of it showing anywhere in the States.

Apparently, in the future they're allowed to give two-word phrases (like "percutaneous nephrolithotripsy") in spelling bees.
Well, sure, Ted, it *is* the future, after all...
What a great promo! I wish that Cartoon Network were showing it instead of some of the Adult Swim drek (including "live action" programming by gawd!). Heck, I'd be happy if they showed and made more Powerpuff Girls episodes (allowing me to make huge sacks of cash with my "Crisis on Earth-Puff" concept).
Cartoon Network does show a lot of dreck these days, Stu. But they've still got a few episodes of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends to air, so it isn't all bad. And I think the new Chowder show isn't half bad, either.

What I hate is the way that they run the beginning of shows over the closing credits of the last show these days, and then have intrusive banner ads for other shows that occupy at least the bottom quarter of the screen, often obscuring plot-related bits of visual.
You are exactly right about ALL the networks using intrusive floating promos and logos.

You are also right about Chowder, which looks to be lots of fun.
i have seen the show its really fun and my kids love it which is good as they are usually fidgeting about 8 minutes into most tv animation !!
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