Monday, October 22, 2007


My Cute Kid...

... is either preparing to make your cute kid walk the plank...

... or is trying to decide if they look anything like leopard food.

(Georgia's grandmother had bought her a pirate outfit months ago, but in the last two weeks Georgia has decided that she has to be a leopard for Halloween, instead. And so she was Pirate Girl for the neighborhood Halloween carnival, after which we went and bought the leopard costume--it's actually a cheetah, I think, but don't try telling her majesty that--which doesn't quite fit, but which Allison is in the process of altering.)

What a cutie pie! She'll get you tons of candy!
That's certainly the goal!
Very cute indeed. Away down south on I-35, my eldest is going as Kiki this year (and really gets ticked when people don't grok the Miyazaki reference right away) and the younger daughter is Sailor Moon. Not sure what the boy's going to be yet--he hasn't expressed a preference.
You can never go wrong with a good Miyazaki reference!
Too cute! I love that pirate costume!
Your cute kid is making my stony gargoyle heart soften.

Stop that.

So cute!!!
Thanks, guys. I think we'll keep her.
Hey Chris -
She's looking great
[insert snarky comment on dissimilarities between daughter and father here]

Big love to mamma leopard, too.
Hey, Barn! How the heck are ya?
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