Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Metal Dragon Year

Hey, look who isn't "...and puppet show..." on the cover of Interzone #213.

In case anyone is wondering, this is yet another entry in my Celestial Empire sequence. I just can't seem to stop writing the damned things.

In an interesting bit of serendipity (or synchronicity, perhaps?), after picking up "Metal Dragon Year," which is all about a space-race between the Chinese and the Aztecs in my alternate history, the editors (in the able persons of madman Jetse de Vries and Andy Cox) selected for publication a story by Aliette de Bodard entitled "The Lost Xuyan Bride," which just so happens to be set in an alternate history dominated by the Chinese and Aztecs. Rather than avoiding the parallels, the editors chose to highlight them, featuring both in the same issue with a bit of editorial mortaring, prologues written by me and Aliette, explaining how we both arrived by different paths at similar destinations.

The cover illustration, by the way, is by Kenn Brown of Mondolithic Studios, inspired by my story. Lovely, isn't it?

Very cool confluence of inspiration, that. I'm really enjoying how Andy is willing to take chances and move Interzone beyond the same-old structural same-old. Actually, he's kind of taking it back to a time when 'zines were more freewheeling and not wedded to a rigid table of contents.
So is there a current list of the Celestial stories? I assume that some point the hope would be that they would be published together?
I've been very impressed with the new incarnation of Interzone myself, Jayme, and jazzed to be a part of it!
You know, Howard, I've been meaning to put together a comprehensive list for a while now (and to do a similar list of the Bonaventure-Carmody stories), but I've been to swamped to get around to it. I won't have time to update the website for a while, but give me a moment and I'll post an up-to-date list on the blog.
I love the cover :)
And counting the Strahan Best Novellas, this is your SECOND time being the inspiration for the cover art, isn't it?
Me, too, Aliette.

And you know, Lou, I hadn't really thought about it in those terms, but I think you're right. How about that?
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