Wednesday, September 19, 2007


You Need This: Shadowpact and Countdown to Mystery

Hey, you like comics, right? Or at least know where you might buy some, if you did? Well, then hie yourself down to your local comic shop and pick up copies of Shadowpact #17 and Countdown to Mystery #1.

In addition to sharing a release date (erm, today), both book contain stories written by my old pal and erstwhile roommate, Matt Sturges.

Shadowpact has consistently been one of my favorite books the last year or so, and along with All-Star Superman is one of the few superhero books DC is publishing these days that I think is consistently worth picking up. This issue marks Matt's first as scripter, and sales of the next few issues will determine the book's long-term survival. So buy copies for your friends.

Countdown to Mystery, on the other hand, is a miniseries spinning out of DC's current installment in its never ending series of crossovers. I can't speak to the quality of Gerber's half of the book, but the other half is Matt's take on the Spectre, and Plastic Man, and all sorts of stuff like that. I read the script for the first issue a while back, and it was a peach.

I haven't picked up or read either book yet, since I was chained to my desk writing a Warhammer 40K short story today, but I'll be picking them up the first chance I get. Don't miss out, and pick up copies of your own, won't you?

Is that ragman on the cover??
Yep. And Willingham's take on the character, which set the tone here and was first seen in one of the lead ups to Infinite Crisis, is little short of genius. Quite a bit similar to the Chaos Nation character from his Pantheon series, for those Willingham completists out there, but with a groovy supernatural slant.

What Willingham did with the Night Master is equally brilliant, and worthy of a series in its own right.

Really smart series, with loads of adventure and none of the morbid stupidness that has plagued most of superhero comics recently. From what I've seen of the new issue, Sturges is holding up his end of the stick nicely.
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