Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The Muppet Show - Behind the Scenes

(via) Here's a terrific bit from 60 Minutes on The Muppet Show. Morley Safer describes the show as "an amateur half-hour performed by professionals," which I find pretty apt.

It's a bit sad to see how many of those profiled in the piece (Juhl, Hunt, Henson) are no longer with us. But at the same time, it's heartening to know that others, like Dave Goelz and Jerry Nelson, are still regularly assaying their roles, and that even Frank Oz still gets his hand up the felt backside of a Muppet from time to time.

I really wish that they had put some stuff like this on the disc sets they're doing.
I know, me too. I can only imagine there are rights issues with that kind of thing that prevent them doing so. Sucks, though. Instead they fill it with goofy character stuff done now, not even puppetry but still shots and pages of text about what kind of pizza the characters like or what-have-you. Oh, well...
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