Wednesday, September 05, 2007


MonkeyBrain Books Two-for-One Sale

For the month of September, MonkeyBrain Books is offering a special 2-for-1 sale. Buy any book direct from us through at the regular price, and receive another book of equal or lesser value free of charge.

To pay online with PayPal, just select the book you which to purchase at regular price from our website, and when you reach the "Review Your Payment" step of the PayPal order process, select "Add special instructions to seller" and type in the title of the book you'd like as your free gift. If you'd like two copies of the same book, purchasing one at full price and getting the second for free, that's fine with us, too.

If either book you'd like isn't yet shipping, we'll ship the portion of your order that is currently available, and send the remainder in a separate order when the books are printed.

As if a free MonkeyBrain title weren't enough, we're also tossing in free Shipping & Handling for the second title, as well. You're losing money if you *don't* take this offer.

Supplies on some titles are running low, so don't delay.

And I'll just note that "Superhero" is a great book, and everyone even remotely interested in comics and superheroes needs to own it.
Thanks, Michael. It is good, isn't it?
It is. I read it and then Douglas Wolk's Reading Comics; the two books go together well.
I've not yet tried Wolk's. I'll give it a shot!
OK, I ordered my book and put in my request for my free gift.
Thanks, Michael! They'll be in the mail to you presently.
Can I pre-order Sean's exciting book as one of them? I'd like the Cornell, so Cenotaxis would be the one of lesser value...
Happy to then wait for both. I'm in Australia, so if free shipping is a bit steep, that's cool...
Certainly you can, Peter! Cenotaxis is likely to ship in late October or early November, but British Summertime is available to ship now.
I have to admit, some of those titles are awfully tempting. (As if I needed more books to my giant TBR pile. Still...
Hey Chris, if you had to recommend two of MonkeyBrain's best books, what would you say? :)
Name me a couple of things you like a lot (comics, books, movies), and I can tell you which of our titles would probably best suit your tastes.
Chris, I guess this doesnt apply to those of us who already have pre-orders in for uncoming titles.
Stu, that's an excellent question. The way we've got it set up, no, I suppose it wouldn't, since those sales are already accounted for. How about this? If you've got a pre-order already onfile, I can't offer you another book for free, but I could sell you a second book for half price. Does that sound like a fair compromise?

You can use the Send Money option on PayPal to send the amount for the second book, but don't worry about S&H, I'll throw that in for free. Deal?
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