Monday, September 10, 2007


I Am Not Interesting Today

Just thought I'd point that out. Not interesting at all. Working on a lot of franchise stuff that I don't have contracts for as yet (so can't really discuss), and doing research for Three Unbroken (which involves reading a bunch of Stephen Ambrose histories and studying up on the I Ching), and not having anything that might be considered an interesting or original thought all day.

And other than thinking that the Iron Man trailer looked about perfect, considering the source material and the need to update it for a modern sensibility (and including the best use of Black Sabbath tune in recent memory), nothing remotely interesting flitted across my visual field today, either. So maybe this whole not-interesting thing is a more wide spread occurrence, after all.

Ho hum.


You don't have to "always" be interesting.... :)

I was in Austin this weekend, and found a copy of Set the Seas on Fire at Bookpeople (haven't seen it in the local Barnes and Noble here). It was a fun read...I thought the naval portion was done very well, without becoming too detail (I didn't enjoy the one Patrick O'brien novel I tried).

Certainly looking forward to more in this universe...when is End of the Century going to be out?
Yeah, B&N doesn't seem to have them on the shelves yet, but I've seen a few copies in the wild at Borders, so hopefully it's just a shipping delay. And glad to hear that you liked the book!

The last I heard about End of the Century was that it was either going to be the end of 2008 or the beginning of 2009, more than likely, but that it wouldn't have a firm ship date until December of this year. So hopefully I'll know more by year's end.
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