Monday, September 03, 2007


Barsoom, Hyboria, and Urban Mean Streets

If you happen to be sitting around online tonight, as I may well be doing, I can think of few better ways of spending your time than listening to Geekerati. Here, I'll let Win Eckert tell you all about it (especially since he'll be a guest this week and all):
This week Bill Cunningham and Christian Johnson will be discussing "Barsoom, Hyboria, and Urban Mean Streets: The Pulps and Their Modern Legacy" on the weekly online radio show Geekerati. Two of the books they will be discussing are MYTHS FOR THE MODERN AGE: PHILIP JOSE FARMER'S WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE and the Nebraska Press edition of TARZAN ALIVE. The podcast is Monday, 9/3/07 at 7pm Pacific Time.

Geekerati Radio is an online radio show which includes Christian Johnson, Shawna Benson, Bill Cunningham, Eric Lytle, and guests in a round table discussion of popular culture by geeks for geeks. Geekerati Radio is a featured show in the BlogTalkRadio network. The Geekerati Radio show airs Monday nights at 7pm Pacific.
Visit the Geekerati site for details, and to listen in your ownself.


I wanted to thank you for the mention on your blog. It was pretty cool to check in on one of my favorite islands on the net and find my show mentioned.
My pleasure, Christian. Keep up the good work!
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