Monday, August 20, 2007


Mad Props

(via) Do you need a Vibro-Beamer?

How about a sonic screwdriver?

Or how about a Brit-City Judge's helmet and a Lawgiver?

For these (as well as Wookie bowcasters, Jedi lightsabers, transport bracelets, and more), check out Stentor Industries. Lots of awesomeness on display there.

Do I need a Vibro-Beamer? What kind of question is that?! OF COURSE I need a Vibro-Beamer . . .
I want a Vibro-Beamer.

The guy with the Judge Dredd helmet looks insanely creepy.
Okay, clearly everyone needs a Vibro-beamer. I know that I do.

As for the Judge helmet, Jason, I suspect that gentleman is the prop maker in question. And even if he isn't, I'd hesitate to criticize anyone aiming a Lawgiver, just to be on the safe side...
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