Tuesday, August 28, 2007



I just got some incredibly good news, about who'll be doing the cover for my next Pyr release, End of the Century. It's probably not kosher to say anything about it yet, so I'll leave it at that, but suffice it to say the artist was my first choice for the job. Not someone I've worked with before, but someone whose work I've been admiring for a while now. And absolutely perfect for the book.

Frazetta, Jeff Jones or Mike Kaluta? That would be my dream. It's too late for the late Roy Krenkel, Kelly Freas or Jack Gaughn after all. Hmmm... Still, there are plenty of terrific modern cover artists.
You finally landed Liefeld! Excellent.
These are all great guesses (except yours, Jess, so you're banned), but no. This one falls under the category of "terrific modern cover artists," and his work captures exactly the kind of vibe I was hoping we'd get for the cover.
Picacio? Tom Kidd? Just guessing for fun since there are so many really talented people in the field right now.
Well, Picacio I've worked with before, on several occasions. Kidd, though, that's a good guess. His work is awesome. But no, it's not Tom.
So, what's the book about?
Consulting detectives, Romano-British warriors, and punk rock chicks in a search for the holy grail. Or something like that.
....adds book to buy list...

you're not helping my addiction, you know...

Since you're going to be fencon, are you planing on signing autographs?
Sure, I'll happily sign anything. Even things I didn't write!
lol...well, i'll limit it to your books...

looking forward to saying hello to you
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