Monday, July 16, 2007


When Worlds Contrive

This little bit of cleverness comes courtesy of the Usual Gang of Idiots at Mad Magazine, from issue 479 of the current run. Perhaps ironically published these days by DC Comics, this pretty much sums up my thoughts on much of the current crop of superhero comics. I'm not sure who did the honors here, since the credits are for this section of the mag and not this page in particular (though if I had to guess I'd say that Ty Templeton had contributed, at least the Robin and Penguin figures).

That's really funny. It reminds me of Mills and O'Neill's Marshal Law. He was always spouting great lines like: "If he's the new messiah, I'll be the first in line to pound the nails."
Mwuhahaha! :) I know a guy that's completely obsessed with Batman. I think I'm gonna send this to him...
Dude, I loved me some Marshal Law. Just genius stuff. My favorite quote about that book was Alan Moore's brief summation in an interview for the Comics Journal. "If Watchmen did in any way kill off the superhero – which is a dubious proposition – then Marshal Law has taken it further with this wonderful act of necrophilia, where it has degraded the corpse in a really amusing way. I really think that's great... Pat and Kevin do it so well, with such style and with such obvious malice; that's the fun thing about Marshal Law. They're not just kidding, they really hate superheroes."
Glad you liked it, Sam. And I think the issue this is from is still on stands now, if you want to pick up a copy.
Far f*king out! First, the work itself is so perfect (probably right that it is Templeton, he has such a fine control of styles), and then that something good is in MAD. Been years since I bothered to pick up an issue.
I've picked up a few issues of Mad since it was relaunched by DC, and I've been overall very impressed. Some really nice work in there. (Though it seems more to be aimed at a much older audience than I remember Mad being when I was first reading it as a kid, but that could just be a change in my own perception.)
Yup. That was me. They even let me colour it, though the script wasn't mine.

Ty the Guy.
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