Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Voxtrot's "Steven"

So earlier today I was looking through the Moleskine I finished last month, digging for a note about Aztec culture for The Dragon's Nine Sons, and I come across a cryptic note.

"Boxtrot. Longplayer(?)"

What's this thing mean? I have vague memories of hearing a record review on the local public radio station after dropping Georgia off at school, and jotting down the name of the album, or the band, or the label, thinking I'd look it up later. But now it's a month and a half later and I can't work out whether I'd misheard, or misremembered, or what.

A little googling reveals that I'd done both, kind of, and that the band was actually "Voxtrot." Who, I'm surprised to discover, are based here in Austin (though maybe that shouldn't be surprising, as perhaps it was a Texas music spotlight kind-of-thing I heard, after all). And there's enough of their stuff online, either samples on their website or live clips on YouTube to remind me why I wrote down the name in the first place (albeit mispelled). Oh, that's right, because they're awesome.

Don't believe me? Give this a listen and see. (The video appears to just be edited tour footage, but the audio is where it's at.)

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