Saturday, July 07, 2007


Two Guys for Every Girl

If only I'd known...

Thanks to Strange Maps, I discover this morning that every place that I lived as a single guy is disproportionately weighted towards men, while all sorts of places I didn't live are overloaded with single women.

Come on, kids, can't we get this together? I know that ten percent of you are probably more than happy to be surrounded by loads of unattached folks of your own gender, but from personal experience I know that the rest of you must be pretty frustrated. What say we do a bit of cultural exchange, here, and ship a few guys from the blue dots to the red and vice versa?

I knew there was a reason I like San Francisco. :-)
It certainly makes me feel better about my complete lack of success in meeting single (and straight) women when I lived there. Single straight guys? Met *loads* of those...
Hmmm, every place I've lived is weighted the opposite of your experience. :D

And yet you still found Allison. If you had been places with all those other women, who knows?
Sigh. Any single woman in NYC can vouch for that whole largest female plurality thing. I can't wait to send this to my mother, ha.
This is very true, John, and from where I'm sitting now, I really can't complain. But the twenty-six year old me who couldn't meet a woman to save his life? He probably wouldn't be as philosophical about it.
It's interesting, though, isn't it, D, to see these widely-held conceptions verified by statistics? Not really surprising, but still...

It does occur to me, though, picking up on one of Strange Maps comments, that Sex in the City almost has to be set in NYC, and Entourage must be set in LA.
Gets me thinking about Robert Anton Wilson's stuff about the urge to move westward, and about high- and low-testosterone populations. That map would make perfect sense if testosterone levels do correlate with an urge to move west...
An interesting point, Andrew. But what about all of those who move from west to east?

My wife thinks it's more to do with the different industries in the different regions, with more male-dominated ones being on the west coast (such as film production, which employs loads of burly dudes as grips and gaffers and such) and more female-dominated ones begin on the east coast (she points to the number of women working in publishing, for example), but I wonder if it doesn't run the other way, too. Do people move where they do because of the work they can find there, or do they move to a place and then take whatever job they can find?
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