Friday, June 29, 2007


Flight of the Conchords' "Bowie Song"

Enjoy, won't you? And if you haven't been watching Flight of the Conchords on HBO (thanks, Matt!), you're missing out.


I've been really enjoying the show. Their Pet Shop Boys-ish, "Inner City Pressure" was awesome.
Agreed. Though it takes a lot to beat "The Humans are Dead."
To date, my favorite Bowie parody is still Sifl and Olly's Olly Moondust, here on YouTube, about 4:44 minutes in:
Off to check it out now.
Your conclusion? Me, I rode my electric bug from Venus...
I dug it. I take it the music is all down to Liam Lynch, right? He's definitely doing a terrific Bowie there.
Yeah, were you ever a Sifl and Olly fan? I sort of chart that as the last time Mtv had anything to offer me. Liam's songs were incredible. The Axyl Rose as Vampire bit, "Fake Blood," was just incredible. I think Mike Colbert corresponded with him for a while too at one point; something to do with Babylon 5.
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