Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Jesus of the Hammerheads

So, would the apparent shark messiah walk under water, instead of on it? I'm confused...
"And then there were four... Here's the scenario: three sharks are in a tank, all three are female and all were captured when they were sexually immature babies. They spend three years in the tank together without ever coming in contact with a male. Then, one day, a baby shark pops up.

The sharks are hammerheads, living in an aquarium at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, in the US. The pup was born on 14 December 2001, and triggered a great deal of confusion, which has only now finally been cleared up: the pup was the result of a 'virgin birth'."
The other question is, will this hammerhead grow up and turn the water in which he swims into wine, and will that make him more popular or less popular with the other sharks in the tank?

Update: Of course, if I'd read a bit further in the article I'd have seen that the pup was later consumed by the other fish in the tank. But just wait a while, I'm sure it'll come back sooner or later.

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