Tuesday, April 10, 2007


MonkeyBrain Books site update

We've finally updated the MonkeyBrain Books site with our full 2007 publishing lineup. We've also sent a mail out to our Yahoo announcements list for the first time, assuming that I haven't fouled up the sending of it. Here's the text of the update, in case anyone's interested.
Embarrassingly, this is the first time that we've sent a message to our update list. Shame on us. We promise to try harder.

The big news around the palatial offices of MonkeyBrain Books these days is John Picacio's well-deserved Hugo nod in the Best Related Book category for his COVER STORY: THE ART OF JOHN PICACIO. This, in addition to his *third* nomination in the Best Artist category. Well done, John!

Of less earth-shattering proportions is the news that we have finally updated our sad, lumpen website with our full 2007 publishing schedule. Please accent this in lieu of the long-needed, long-desired complete overhaul of the site that we've been contemplating for some long while. Soon, we promise. Soon. 2009, perhaps?

In addition to the second Diogenes Club collection from the inestimable Kim Newman, and the first US edition of Paul Cornell's remarkable BRITISH SUMMERTIME, we're proud to unveil the first in our forthcoming line of original trade paperback novellas, affordably priced at $9.95. These first two entries, from New York Times bestseller Sean Williams and the simply amazing Hal Duncan, will be joined in 2008 with original novellas from Jay Lake and Elizabeth Bear.

Also on tap for 2008 are IMPOSSIBLE TERRITORIES, Jess Nevins's latest companion to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a reprint of Philip José Farmer's classic alternate history novel, TWO HAWKS FROM EARTH, and Win Scott Eckert's CROSSOVERS: A POP CULTURE CHRONOLOGY.

What else could you ask for? Well, we're working on *that*, too...

Chris Roberson & Allison Baker
MonkeyBrain Books

Woo hoo!
Yippee! I've just gone over to the site and pre-ordered the Secret Files of the Diogenes Club. And, of course, I am looking forward to the new Jess Nevins.

Glad to see that you're giving Cornell's British Summertime a US edition. A fascinating book, even with the Christian metaphysical aspect.
Thanks, guys! And yeah, Stu, I've been rereading British Summertime recently while doing the layouts, and I'm struck again at just what a terrific book it really is.
Thanks very much, Chris, and for publishing it. I did laugh at your 'even with', Stu, but I take your point. Thanks for saying it didn't get in the way. I'm pretty sure that readers of a non-theist disposition won't find it an alienating read. I've kind of written one of each now: Something More (blasphemous); BritSum (theist); the new one I've nearly finished (doesn't go there at all). A balanced diet, I think.
Well, I am a reader of a non-theist disposition and I LOVED IT. I can't wait for its US release so I can buy it again.
Yeah, Paul, it didn't get in the way of my enjoying the narrative, it was fully in line with the philosophical grounding of the story, etc. As we say around the house, "Oh no, not another temporal anomaly."

Well, not too often.

Damned good book. I'm really glad that Chris is publishing it here.

I always keep an eye open for your stuff since I enjoyed your Dr. Who books so much. I like "Wisdom" too.
Thanks very much. And you, Lou, also. Buying it again is surely beyond the call of duty!
Actually, you may have given it to me the first time, so it's the least I can do. Though I think I have two editions of the UK, so perhaps I bought one and you gave me one. Either way, I'll pick up the MonkeyBrain the instant it's out.
The University Bookstore here in Seattle has a great SF department, the closest we have to a real SF bookstore (Dwayne does a good job). They usually have a good sprinkling of Brit imports.
Dwayne does a magnificent job. I've never been to Seattle but that's one of my stops if I come out.
Yeah, Dwayne's buying is very conscious of the small/independent publishers and Brit editions. He knows that a lot of his customers are as knowledgeable about the field as he is, and choose to come in instead of shopping at an online (somewhat or mostly evil) vendor like Amazon.com. I bought ADVENTURE and some other MonkeyBrain titles through U Books.

BTW, Seattle will have the Potlatch science fiction convention again in Feb 2008, a good ensmalled sercon event. Pencil it into your calendars now! I'm doing the program book.
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