Monday, April 30, 2007


I Don't Like Mondays

Me and the Boomtown Rats, I guess. Geldof and company might have had their own reasons, but me, I hate the fuckers because I can't seem to write for a damn on them. And today was doubly craptastic because I was starting a new chapter, which picks up after a gap of several years from the last bit of writing I did last week, requiring quite a bit of scene-setting which always means for a slow start. And thirdly, we had a house-full of house-guests all weekend, with the last of them leaving this morning a few hours into my working day, and while it meant I had an excuse to go have breakfast with my mom and sisters (they had pancakes and migas, I had biscuits and sausage... mmm-mmm!), there were two serious auto accidents en route--two--that ended up adding almost an hour onto my travel time all together. All of which adds up to me having an all-around sucky day.

Feh. Is it Tuesday yet?

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