Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Fox News = Irrelevant

This is some shit right here. I don't mind coming to bury Vonnegut, not to praise him, but this hatchet job of an obit really goes out of its way to find negative things to say about the guy.

That was utterly repulsive. And to say he won't be inducted into the "pantheon of great American writers" is ridiculous when he already has been. The man is taught in just about every university in the country, banned in several high schools and was a cult hero with teens for decades. What else do you want? I expect a Library of America edition to be announced any day now. God, this is some evil bullshit.
I saw this via crooksandliars.com on Monday. I posted there that this was an evil piece of crap, by one of Fox Noise's alleged Washington correspondents James Rosen (who apparently doesn't even rate a page on Wikipedia. I looked). He portrayed Vonnegut as a Loony Leftist for his anti-war and anti-Bush views, a "failed suicide" past his prime. Cowardly bastards, they wait for his death to attack him when they don't have to fear one of his witty repostes.
Sci-fi mumbo jumbo? Rich and irrelevant? Unique brand of despondent leftism? Fuck you Fox!
They're one big pile of suck, aren't they?
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