Friday, April 27, 2007


Flagpole Sitta

(via) I've watched this three times now, without even really realizing it. A bunch of kids at an evidently well-funded office mess around after work, making an impromptu and absolutely fabulous video to Harvey Danger's Flagpole Sitta. Completely infectious fun. Watch for more than a few seconds, and you'll see what I mean.

Man, I never even dreamed of working at a place anything like that when I was a kid. The closest I got was a few months working in a bakery after I graduated from college, spending a lot of time with my coworkers getting stoned and making lots and lots of cookies to eat ourselves, then going over to the arcade to play air hockey for a while. (Yes, I made good use of that summa cum laude BA, didn't I?)

Yeah, that is pretty fun. Harvey Danger is an underrated band - their last album, Little By Little, is fantastic.
I've got Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?, but haven't heard the more recent stuff. I'll check it out!
You know, I DO want to publish zines and rage against machines...
Seems to me you already do, Klima. Nice work if you can get it!
Nothing like a nice little video such as this to make you feel like a total loser…
And old...
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