Saturday, April 07, 2007


Chumley's Closed Indefinitely

(via) I'd hoped to visit my favorite speak-easy and firefighters bar when I was in NYC for BEA in June, but it looks like it won't be in the cards.
Chumley's, which has operated at 86 Bedford Street since 1922, though by some accounts as early as 1831, will not be torn down, as had looked like a real possibility yesterday afternoon. Official reports are that the chimney in the bar area of the venue separated from an interior wall and collapsed. At this time "demolition of the building is not being considered," per an official statement from the NYC Building Department. When the collapse occurred, construction workers were inside Chumley's and doing repairs of an unknown type without a permit. Violations for working with out a permit have been issued. Now, a shoring company has been hired to repair the damage, after which time inspectors will assess the integrity of the building. While the work is done Chumley's will be closed.
I'd hoped to introduce my new masters at Solaris to the somewhat quirky charm of the joint, but I guess we'll have to settle for the Latin Jetsons vibe of Sushi Samba a few blocks away. But hey, flash fried crabs!

I really hope they're able to reopen in a timely manner. Wibble. Think there's a chance I'll get to see you while you're here? (Although BEA is rightbefore I go to Ireland, so I will be even more insane than usual.)
It may be tight. We'll just be in and out, surgical strike, arriving on Saturday right before I'm needed on the floor of the Javitz, and taking off on Monday morning early. I'll shoot you a mail offline so we can see what's possible to work out.
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