Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Almost Human

Only just now getting over the convention crud that settled in sometime between the Dead Dog on Sunday night at WHC and Monday night when we finally finished up twelve hours of travel, by plane and car, and were home. It wasn't until Tuesday afternoon that I thought to check my temperature, and discovered that I'd felt feverish becuase I actually had a fever. Go figure. Cue moaning and coughing and generally useless blithering.

All of which, in case you didn't know, is the sign of a terrific convention. Steve, Mandy, and Amanda put on one hell of a show this year. May well be the best convention I've ever attended.

Lots of good news from the show, or while we were there, that I'll be processing and talking about in the near future, but in the short term, just putting my hand up for a moment, to say I still live, and am approaching human again. Almost.

Oh, and John Picacio and MonkeyBrain Books have a horse in the Hugo race, with Cover Story's Best Related Book nod. And our brothers Lou Anders and Picacio have been singled out their ownselves, too, for Best Professional Editor - Long Form and Best Artist respectively. How cool is that?

Okay, off to moan and cough some more.

I somehow had it in my head that MonkeyBrain had got a Hugo nom. before this. Or maybe I just expect MB to get award nominations every time around (which, all things considered, says a lot about the kind of job you and Allison are doing). In any case, congrats!
Thanks, Jess!
All the mentioned nominations are well deserved. Hopefully Hugo voters will wake up and give a couple of those rocketships to well deserving Texas and Alabama folks. However, with the convention in Japan, God only knows what the voting will be like.
It's making the predictions difficult, isn't it? I sat down on Saturday and worked out who was most likely to win in more than half of the categories, until I realized that it would be the attending Japanese membership would be voting, and then all bets were off. My guess as to why there are not Japanese names on the ballot (Amano chief among them) is that the locals haven't started registering for the con, yet. I read somewhere that the advance registration was unexpected low by the start of this year. Or perhaps there's something cultural going on I'm not aware of, or the Japanese fans haven't been made aware of how the Hugos work, in which case the Hugos may be decided by the relatively few foreigners who travel there for WorldCon this year, or who buy supporting memberships and vote. Which could well be an incentive for folks like me, who aren't going, to buy supporting memberships and vote our consciences. Who knows...?
My goodness. You got Con Crud? That usually only happens when you forget to drink beer.

Too much tea, not enough beer.

Be well soon.
See, I knew I'd got something wrong. Maybe next time it'll be two beers to every tea.

Of course, there was some irony today when I realized I was adopting some bizarro-world version of my con usual, sitting at my computer with a glass of iced tea and a huge tumbler of orange juice, alternating between the two. Somehow this version seemed less fun than the rounds at the con, though...
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