Monday, April 09, 2007


9Tail Fox

Check out the pure awesomeness that is the cover of Night Shade Books forthcoming edition of Jon Courtenay Grimwood's 9Tail Fox.

Bobby Zha is a sergeant in the San Francisco Police Department. His years on the force have made him numb to the world, and the people around him, including his wife and daughter. His sudden and unexplained murder leaves his family reeling, and the SFPD bewildered. But nobody is more bewildered then Sergeant Zha, when a nine-tailed celestial fox comes to him at the moment of his death, and tells him he has one chance to put things right.

Now he’s trying to solve his own murder; trying to understand why he has been resurrected in another man’s body;and trying to repair the shattered pieces of his family’s life. But his time seems to be running out...
Jeremy Lassen and Claudia Noble did a tremendous job on the design of this one. And Jeremy's been kind enough to share the pulp cover which inspired the approach.

How cool is that?

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