Monday, February 05, 2007


Visitor Map

Because yes, I would jump off a bridge if someone else did first, provided it looked like fun...

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!

If this works, the map will slowly fill with little white diamonds (I hear Elizabeth Taylor, filmed through muslin, repeating those words, "White Diamonds...") as folks visit my site. Of course, I only read rss feeds through bloglines, so maybe this isn't the best test, after all...

I like the map but would like it more if it was adjustable so it doesn't take over the whole sidebar
Mmm. I'm looking at it in Firefox and IE on a PC and not seeing that. What browser/platform are you using, Jim?
I'm using Firefox as well on a W98 platform. It' a lot faster then my crashed Compaq Xp. :-)

But I wanted to ask you about the Work in Progress bar.I've seen similar work in progress bars at such places as Forward Motion but I like the one your using. Does it cost anything?

Nope, completely free. Just head over to
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