Friday, February 23, 2007



Consider this me calling my shot. My time is stitched up between now and July, finishing a number of novels already in various stages of completion, but assuming that I don't sell another project in the interim, in August I'm going to start work on Firewalk. This is the story of Susan Kururangi and Nicholas Falen, originally started eight years ago this month as a serial for Clockwork Storybook. I've been toying with the idea of dusting it off and reworking it for the last couple of years, but this morning, sometime between stepping out of the shower and coming downstairs, I figured out that Nick and Susan were part of a larger story that also includes elements from a number of unsold comic book pitches of ancient vintage, and that if I mashed them all up together I'd have an actual novel, instead of just half an idea. So I came downstairs and jotted a few notes in my Moleskin, enough to jog my memory later. And suddenly I find myself committed through the end of the year. Of course, I'll still have to find someone to publish the damned thing, but I'll worry about that later...

You couldn't stay away. No one can. WHOO HA! SAN CIBOLA will RISE again!

I mean, um, cool man, keep me informed.

And the price for using Sam Bowen in this little project? One MILLION Dollars. Have you *seen* the Dresden Files? Sheesh. Shoulda' been the Bowen Files. Damn straight.
Heh. Depending on how it works out, though, I may actually end up relocating their story to another city, to make it slot together with the other half-ideas I'm tossing into the mix. But if it ends up in San Cibola, you can expect a check for a cool million for Bowen, no question. Now, you should by no means try to cash the check, but still...
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