Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The Day's Progress - Wednesday Edition

Okay, three scenes became five, and were some of the hardest to write of the book so far, but I got them through. And that's "Jubilee" done.

I'm now assuming a total word count of 140K, though I think it'll be a bit longer than that.

No sample today, as there was nothing in today's writing that wouldn't completely spoil the ending of the book. Big reveals throughout, including just what Omega is, just why the Ghost Fox is so much older than Sandford Blank, and who Jules Dulac really is.

Tomorrow I got to the post office and do some administrivia, and Friday I tighten up the outline to "Millennium," so that I can start work on Monday writing the last secton. Then I'll just need to shuffle the three threads together like a deck of cards, and the book is ready to roll.

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