Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The Day's Progress - Wednesday Edition

A decent day's work, which would likely be better if I didn't have to knock off early to do a bit of emergency grocery shopping before picking Georgia up from preschool (I've run out of tea bags, and anyone who's spent any amount of time with me knows that can't be allowed to happen). Even so, I managed to do a bit under 4.5K today. I'm tempted not to push much beyond 5K a day for the rest of "Jubilee," for fear that the plot will run away with me if I don't stop and mull it over every now and again, and it'll run even longer than it's already threatening to do.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
65,412 / 120,000

Blank and Miss Bonaventure did a bit of sleuthing today, after talking a bit about William Blake and his poetry on their ride through Lambeth.
It had been nearly ten years since Blank was last on the grounds of Lambeth’s asylum for the blind. The arm of a woman had been found there, apparently the mate to another arm found floating in the Thames at Pimlico two weeks before, and both apparently the property of the limbless torso discovered on the building site of the New Scotland Yard two weeks further on. It had been the Torso Killer’s second victim, and the killer had gone to special lengths to scatter the puzzle pieces far and wide.

Now, nearly a decade later, the School for the Indigent Blind was once again the site of a gruesome discovery, but this time, instead of a lonely arm, it had been an entire torso, albeit one limbless and headless.

Blank and Miss Bonaventure were met at the school gate by an attendant who, unlike his charges, was quite definitely sighted. And on seeing the approach of two strangers, however well turned out they may have been, so soon after the unpleasant discoveries of the previous week, the attendant seemed in no eager mood to allow them admittance.

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