Thursday, February 22, 2007


Comics Gone Ape!

Rick Klaw points out this little gem, from TwoMorrows Publishing.

Comics Gone Ape!, edited by Michael Eury

128 page Trade Paperback - edited by Michael EURY
The Missing Link To Primates In Comics
They may be only one notch below humans on the evolutionary ladder, but gorillas and monkeys have for decades climbed to the top of the comic-book world as heroes and villains, monsters and masterminds, and soldiers and sidekicks. Comics Gone Ape! is the missing link to primates in comics, spotlighting a barrel of simian superstars like Beppo, BrainiApe, the Gibbon, Gleek, Gorilla Man, Grease Monkey, King Kong, Konga, Mojo Jojo, Sky Ape, and Titano. Comics Gone Ape! is loaded with rare and classic artwork, chest-thumping cover galleries, and 11 exclusive interviews with apes artists and writers including Arthur ADAMS (Monkeyman and O’Brien), Frank CHO, Carmine INFANTINO (Detective Chimp, Grodd), Joe KUBERT (Tor, Tarzan), Tony MILLIONAIRE (Sock Monkey), Doug MOENCH (Planet of the Apes), and Bob OKSNER (Angel and the Ape). With its all-new Avengers-as-gorillas cover by Arthur ADAMS, you won’t be able to keep your filthy paws off this book! Written by BACK ISSUE magazine’s Michael EURY.

ISBN: 1-893905-62-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-893905-62-7
I've had Eury's Krypton Companion on the back of the toilet tank upstairs for the last couple of weeks, and found it the perfect bathroom reading. Sounds like Comics Gone Ape will fit nicely in the same category.

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