Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Who's Not Honoring Me Now?

Over on the Pyr blog, Lou Anders has listed all of the love the 2006 lineup received, including a brief mention of Paragaea (well, two, if you count the nod to the negative review the book got in Ideomancer). Robb of Rob's Blog o' Stuff had this to say:
"I would also be remiss if I neglected Chris Roberson’s genre-bending pulp novel, Paragaea. Part SF, part fantasy, part physics, and part pirate novel, Roberson pulled off a nice trick in this one. I’d love to read more about these people and the strange and familiar world."
But even more Pyr titles--and loads of books by other friends of mine--appear on the Barnes & Noble Top Ten Novels of 2006, a list I am not on, with freshmen fantasist David Louis Edelman taking the top spot (that rat bastard!). David's eligible for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer this year, folks, so vote early and vote often. (Anyone that attended WorldCon in 2006 is eligible to nominate, though only attendees of the convention in 2007 are able to vote.)

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