Sunday, January 28, 2007


China Mieville Super-Spectacular

Thanks to Jeremy Lassen for pointing out this bit of cognitive dissonance producing awesomeness.

That's right. This is an issue devoted to specing out the world of China Mieville's Bas Lag in terms of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

This makes perfect sense, after a moment's consideration, since China had always been upfront about the influence that role-playing games have had on him, and on the development of Bas Lag in particular.
"I quite often buy and read game manuals because I am interested in the way that people design their worlds, and how they decide to delineate them."
Nevertheless, there's something about seeing the influence running the other way that gave me a moment's pause. Afterwhich, of course, I became instantly and deeply jealous.

Here's the issue's contents, ganked from Jeremy's post:
Dragon Issue #352
24 Jan 2007

The World of China Mieville
by Wolfgang Baur
Explore the intriguing and fantastical world of China Miéville with an interview with the author himself and in-depth D&D conversions pulled right from the pages of Perdido Street Station, The Scar, and The Iron Council.

Bas Lag Gazetteer
Travel from the city-state of New Crobuzon to the mysterious lands of High Cromlech, from the ship-city of Armada to the deadly Gengris in this expansive gazetteer.

The People of Bas Lag
Four new player races, including the cactacae, khepri, vodyanoi, and the tortured remade.

Monsters of New Crobuzon
From the deadly slake moth to the incomprehensible weaver, this bestiary reveals eight new monsters of Bas Lag.

The Ecology of the Yrthak, Volo's Guide, Dragonmarks, Class Acts, First Watch, Savage Tidings, comics—including the Order of the Stick—and more!
How awesome is that?

Wolfgang Baur is posting stuff that got cut from the articles for space reasons over on the LiveJournal:

Just to be a horrible nitpick, I'll point out that it's just D&D again, they dropped "Advanced" from the name late last century when they introduced the third edition of the rules set.

Frank Dreier
Thanks for the tip (and the correction), Frank! But heck, I can remember when it was "just" D&D the first time around, and finally got used to working in the "Advanced." I can never keep up...
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