Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Breakfast of the Gods

(via) You must read this. Brendan Douglas Jones's webcomic Breakfast of the Gods is a universe-shaking epic set on the island continent of Cerealia, home to a very familiar cast of characters.

I'm reminded a bit of James Sturm's The Cereal Killings, but where Sturm's story was a gritty, noir-ish story of murder reminiscent of Watchmen (that just happened to feature breakfast cereal mascots), Jones's story is a blood-thirsty revisionist crossover epic in the vein of Identity Crisis (that just happens to feature breakfast cereal mascots).

Either way, Breakfast of the Gods is a little bit of genius, or inspired lunacy, or both. Well worth checking out.

Thanks for the recommendation. It's always good to find a new webcomic.
So effing brilliant. Thanks for the link!
I'll betcha it's the Silly Rabbit and Toucan Sam behind it all. At first I figured it was Lucky the Leprechaun, but he's already got all the magic he needs...
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