Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Self-Publishing, Revisited

Last year, I noted that both Chris Ware and Kyle Baker were experimenting with self-publishing. This week, I read that new work from both creators will be coming out from other publishers (Ware from D&Q, and Baker with Image). Recently, it was announced that Mike Allred, who's been doing a bit of self-publishing himself, will be publishing a Madman collection with Image, as well. So are there any established comics creators still self-publishing, these days? Who am I forgetting?

I think Ware is still self-publishing, he's simply using Drawn & Quarterly as a distributor, the way he did with Fantagraphics on last year's self-published book...
That's an interesting wrinkle, if so. But a heartening one.

I realize'd over the weekend that I'd forgotten Carla Speed McNeil, who's still selfpublishing Finder, so far as I know, and Rob Walton, who's just published the trade collection of his Ragmop series, so there may be more than immediately came to mind.
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