Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Grant Morrison Interview

There's a new interview with Grant Morrison up at Newsarama, in which he talks a bit aobut his writing process, and quite a bit about about his intentions for the recently-completed Seven Soldiers sequence.
"Remember the first time you picked up an X-Men or Avengers book and it was stuffed to the staples with parallel universes, clones, alternate future versions of characters, and a continuity so dense you could stand a spoon in it? The chaos, confusion and excitement of being thrown without a guidebook into a new world was intoxicating to me and it seems that superhero comics only start to get boring when that sense of anything-can-or-can't-happen is replaced by familiarity. If JH and I managed to convey even a small percentage of the breathless head-whirl of the first comic that turned you into a fanboy collector, we'll have done our jobs."
Some interesting stuff worth checking out in the interview. And if you haven't read Seven Soldiers yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Go read it, already!

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