Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Bowie's "Life on Mars?"

For reasons that may become evident, sooner or later, I've been thinking a bit lately about David Bowie, and specifically his various personae in the seventies. This has involved digging around on YouTube, and finding videos I never even knew existed.

Case in point, Mick Rock's video for "Life on Mars?"

Good lord. Watching this, I simply can't believe that I'm looking at a performance from 1973. Considering how much it prefigures the stylistic obsessions of the eighties, I would have put it closer to the end of the decade. But, as Mr. Brisby says, "Bowie always was a trendsetter."

And, as an added bonus (and via Jonathan Carroll), here's a scene from the second series of Ricky Gervais's Extras, in which Bowie does a bit of improvisation, to hilarious effect.

Jonathan Carroll's daily blog on his website is one of the greatest on the net. I read it every day like the newspaper.

Gerry Chandler
I was 21 years old at the tine of that videot and this is the first time I've ever seen it. Thanks for posting this. This era of Bowie was probably just before "Pin-ups." Mick Ronson on guitar and Bowie on Sax. one of my fav albums of all time.

Hard to believe Bowies is pushing 60 now.

Sigh..they don't make music like that anymore. Awsome stuff.
July 1973 would be just after his UK tour (the final Ziggy Stardust tour, if I remember right) I saw him a month earlier in Bournemouth.

And, yes, 1973 was the height of the UK Glam Rock scene. Others experimented with Glam style, Bowie perfected it.

And some still have their clothes lurking in their wardrobes:)

Chris: I went through YouTube and enjoyed that 6 part expose on Bowies millions. I can't believe how crittical these people were of him. Especialy the gray haired woman.

I coudn't dress glam in the early 70's or punk in the late 70's back problem and all but it was an awsome period.

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