Wednesday, October 11, 2006


World Fantasy Convention 2006 Preliminary Program Schedule

It is what it says.

I haven't done a panel at WFC since Montreal, but I figured since this year it's in my home town I could show willing and drag myself away from the bar a couple of times, at least.

Sadly, no monkey panel this time out. Mark Finn and I will just have to talk about gorillas in the bar, as usual.

Hmm. It looks like I'm on a panel, even though I didn't request to be on programming.
And I don't appear to be on one, even though I DID so request...
Y'all should switch. Then everybody wins!
I get two panels! Rock!

I' to Hartwell?

Oh god. Intimidated into silence...that's going to be me...I can tell already.
I'm not going to be there. Chris, would you make a note to not have any fun, please? Or at least, not to tell me?
I'll do my best, Paul. But I'm not making any promises...
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