Sunday, October 08, 2006


Spirit of Independent Bookselling has done an interesting piece on independent genre booksellers, focusing on one of my favorite people in the world, Alan Beatts, owner and proprietor of Borderlands Books. Also nice mentions for Other Change of Hobbit and Dark Delicacies along the way.

Niche selling and niche ordering is a key way for booksellers to survive.

I've stayed afloat because I embraced the online world long before most traditional brick-and-mortar folks. But there's still a side of me that misses looking a customer in the eye and handing them a book. The convention experience does that for me.

Someday Michael and I might find THE location-location-location and open a physical store again, but for now we're going to stay the indy maverick outlaws on the outskirts of the Internet.

Bookseller By Night, Really Tired JOATAMON By Day
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