Friday, October 27, 2006


My Wife, Hard at Work

I see very little of my wife these days. She works for a political consultancy company, doing television and radio ads for Democratic candidates, and this close to election day she's naturally very busy. Most nights this month she's not been home before nine o'clock week nights, often not until eleven, and sometimes as late as two thirty in the morning. We're looking forward to the World Fantasy Convention, not only to have a chance to catch up with all of our friends, but to have a chance to catch up with each other!

Tonight she sent me two photos, documenting the course of her day.

The first photo is her and her coworkers on a conference call this morning, reviewing production schedules and scripts (Allison is the one in the middle).

The next shot is the same crew ten hours later. She assures me that this was only slightly staged.

My wife doesn't get home until 10pm almost every night shes on the job and we don't share intrest or activities in the SF/F genre.

You know it just occured to me, the shot of your wife and co workers holding cell phones and working on laptops. Wouldn't be easier to use a headset and attach it to the cell phone for hands free work? Even at the KFC drive through they got headsets.

Heck, for that matter, they could just use the speaker phone on the table, since they're all on the same conference call. I suggested that, when I saw the photo, but was assured that this was how they preferred to do it.

They are snazzy cell phones, though.
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