Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Free Cape and Notebook Included

Okay, so this is either extremely cool, or extremely sad. Or both. I'm just not sure.

As if every episode of The Greatest American Hero wasn't enough, this comes with a collectible tin, a free cape, and a light-up replica of the notebook. The very notebook that Ralph Hinkley just couldn't keep track of for more than a few seconds at a time.

Last year Allison and I watched the first few episodes of the series, the first time I'd seen them since they broadcast when I was a kid, and we were amazed at how not-horrible they were. Very watchable, and much better than the school-teacher-finds-supersuit-and-teams-with-grizzled-old-spy premise has any right to be. Of course, that was without a cape of our own to wear while watching...

The light up box is cool, but I could do without the cape. That's just a little too spooky otaku.

My only problem with the collection is that they couldn't afford the rites to all the music they (illegally) covered on the show, so they picked totally new tunes. . .

I guess I'm just uber-geeky, but I remember the episodes with different songs and the new DVDs just aren't what I remember. . .

My twenty-year-old videotapes are crumbling. . . :(
Aw, come on. The cape's the best part!
Yeah, but I keep seeing flashes of that live-action 'Tick' episode where Arthur gets tossed in the looney bin and the insane doctor puts on his moth suit and runs around the room to the theme from 'The Greatest American Hero'.

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