Friday, October 06, 2006


The Fake News?

(via) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to be as substantive as network news
"It is clearly a humor show, first and foremost," Fox said of Stewart's program. "But there is some substance on there, and in some cases, like John Edwards announcing his candidacy, the news is made on the show. You have real newsmakers coming on, and yes, sometimes the banter and questions get a little silly, but there is also substantive dialogue going on … It's a legitimate source of news."
I can't say I'm surprised. I get at least half of my news these days from Stewart and Colbert, and some weeks it's more than that. And my only other sources of news are the internet (whether blogs, or newsfeeds, or whatnot) and NPR. I gave up on the broadcast news years ago.

I do find it amusing, though, that the telecommunications professor who mounted this study is named "Fox".

I like watching Stewart, but you mark my words, one day he'll finally disappear entirely up his own asshole. He's already halfway in, and pushing hard. He's pretty funny, but confuses cynicism with intellect. Like one those know-it-all smartass highschool kids who reckon they know all the world's problems, and are devastatingly hip about it, because they saw a documentary once.

And what's with the audience? He raises an eyebrow, and they howl like chimpanzees. I'm expecting one day they'll fling their poo. Which could be great TV, depending on who it hits. But there's a difference, I think, between using an audience for effect, and using it for a crutch.
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