Saturday, September 23, 2006


31 Century Citizens

Following up on my last post about the new Legion of Super-Heroes show, I noticed in the premier that a number of "extras" in the background were members of recognizable alien races from the DC Universe. Along comes character designer Derrick J. Wyatt on his blog with a nice bit of closeup action.

From right to left, that's a couple of Xudarians, a pair of natives of Barrio III, what I'd swear is Doctor Zoidberg from Futurama (complete with sandals!), a pair of whatever Galius Zed is, and what appears to be male and female "probes" from the "v4" or "Five Years Later" era. All of them, with the notable except of the good doctor, are long established background fodder in DC comics set in space and/or the future, and certainly aren't out of place in stories set in 31C New Metropolis. Pretty nifty, I say.

And was it my imagination, or did the janitor in the Superman museum just happen to have Booster Gold's color scheme?
Oh, man, I missed that. See, that's why I didn't delete it off my Tivo yet, because I knew I'd missed little easter eggs and would want to go back and check them out. Thanks for the tip!
Plus you can see a little Skeets hovering nearboy "Booster" the janitor as Clark went back for the costume.
That's awesome! (But is this the good Skeets I remember, or the new and improved evil Skeets?)
"Zoidberg wins at last, because Zoidberg is Starfinger!"
Speaking of the Legion, how did that WorldCon panel go? I didn't see any post-con reports. At the comic-cons, you can often see posts the afternoon or evening of a panel, or even a liveblog of it. But for WorldCon, maybe I'm just not reading or searching the right places.
Good question, Michael. I'll have to ask my friend Paul Cornell. I wasn't able to make it, actually (though I think I did end up talking about the Legion at some point in the bar, which isn't really that surprising!). And yeah, the Comic Con panels tend to get more "coverage," since they're so often about new title announcements, or hints about upcoming storylines, or new exclusive deals and the like. WorldCon panels are typically only talked about afterwords if they end up notorious for one reason or another (like the Scottish Socialist panel at ConJose a few years ago, which is still talked ab out today).
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