Thursday, August 03, 2006


Solaris Books

I was a bit coy earlier in the week, but now that the contracts are signed and in the mail, I'll at least reveal the titles and the publisher.

Next summer Solaris Books, the new imprint of Black Library, will be publishing an expanded version of my novel Set the Seas on Fire, the Napoleonic-era nautical adventure which introduced Hieronymus Bonaventure, the male lead of Paragaea: A Planetary Romance. Sometime after that, they'll be publishing The Dragon's Nine Sons, a new novel in my Celestial Empire sequence, set in the days of the Second Mexic War, a couple of decades after the events of The Voyage of Night Shining White.

I'll be blabbing more details as they become available, I'm sure, but those are the basics here at the outset.

Very cool, congrats!
So much for no one being interested in a Polynesian zombie novel ;)
Very big congratulations. I can't wait till 2008, when they'll be a whole shelf of Roberson books at the bookstore.
Very cool!
Why just a shelf, Lou? I should aspire to be a subgenre all to myself!
Paul, I guess I underestimated the nautical-romance-with-Polynesian-zombie audience, after all...
Congrats, Chris!

And of course you're a genre to yourself--wasn't your name just used in that way recently?
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