Saturday, August 19, 2006


New(ish) Paragaea Review

I've known about the review that John Berlyne did of Paragaea for the SFRevu site for a few weeks, but keep forgetting to mention it. So now I've mentioned it, and can go back to forgetting it again.

In other news, all four plot-threads of X-Men: The Return are rapidly approaching their respective climaxes, and in my office the desk, side table, and floor can hardly be seen for the piles of comic books and Essential collections stacked everywhere. In less that four days I'll be catching a flight to Anaheim, and installing myself in the Anaheim Hilton bar for five days or so, with brief forays out to panels, meals, parties, and award ceremonies. Before I leave, I plan to type "the end" on this X-Men caper and email it off to my editor at Pocket, so I can drink with a clear conscience. I've got three "safety" days on the schedule after I get back, in case that proves overly optimistic, but if I can maintain the pace I've hit since Monday, I should be able to make it with time to spare (well, on the order of a couple of hours to spare, but still spare time, for all of that...).


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