Thursday, August 31, 2006


New Trek Confirmed

Well, thanks to the keen eye of my friend Richard Terrell, I've learned that the rumors about a refurbished Trek have been confirmed.

The "upgraded episodes" will begin airing on September 16 with "Balance of Terror," and continue airing once a week (and out of order) thereafter. My favorite scenic-art supervisor, Michael Okuda, is involved in the project, as his his wife Denise Okuda and David Rossi.

I'm on the fence about this one, but I'm eager to check out the finished product for myself.

I'm sorry, this is giving me worms. Of all the utterly unnecessary endeavours... sigh

Look, I'm all in favor of going in, cleaning up and restoring the old footage. Solidify the ship so stars aren't visible through it. Remastering is fine. I even liked the SFX "expansion" they did with the original Motionless Picture. But outright replacing the SFX is going too far. There's nothing wrong with the episodes as they now stand. Period.
I'm definitely leaning in your direction, Jayme. But at the same time, thinking back on how cool it was to see TOS era ships in the nostalgia episodes of DS9 and Enterprise, I find that the geek in me can't resist the temptation to see what the redux looks like, given the benefit of 21C technology.
This reminds me of when George Lucas did the same thing with the original Star Wars trilogy. In the first film a local reviewer said something like how there are so many things in the upgrade version that are really annoying that fly around, beep, buzz and pop that were not in the original film that made the upgrade laughable.

I hope they don't do the same thing to Trek like Lucas did with Star Wars.
I loved the DS9 tribbles episode, but that may be because of Terry Farrell in the miniskirt. The revamped Enterprise did look spiffy, though.

As for the Star Wars reworks, Lucas just lost all sense of moderation. Jedi actually works a bit better without the stupid Ewoks song, but the "House of Blues" schtick in Jabba's Palace is painful to watch. I actually really, really like the revamped Jabba scene in Star Wars, because I'd been wanting to see that ever since I read the scene with that walrus-moustached yellow guy in the Marvel comics adaptation. Then again, I still want the Anchorhead scenes with Biggs and Koo Stark. Replacing all the space battles with CGI, making Greedo shoot first and just cluttering up the film with geegaws... that was ill-advised, to say the least.
It's time for someone pull the plug on the life support apparatus and allow the Trek franchise to die a natural death.
I don't disagree at all, Jose. I just find this a potentially interesting bit of necrophilia, is all. That it's likely to be horrific, as were the aforementioned Star Wars postmortems, is still not enough to deter my instinct for geekish rubbernecking. Or is it the potential horribleness of it that's the *reason* I can't turn away?
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