Monday, August 14, 2006


For want of a manky towel...

Over on Meme Therapy, a bunch of worthies are discussing how they'd change history with only a manky towel. Now, I had to check their definition to know just what the heck made a towel manky in the first place. (My people, once upon a time, might have called it "grody." Perhaps even to the max.)

Some perverse instinct means that my own first impulse would be to go back to the moment when the first organic molecules assembled into anything resembling life in the primordial soup, and use the towel to mop that mess right up. Leave the planet all neat and tidy. But what fun would that be?

You get the award for most evil use of a manky towel in a time travel scenario. Don't wimp out and change it!
'round my house those are referred to as 'funky' towels and usually the 'funky towel song' from Joe's Apartment (the only good thing to come out of a blatant rip-off of the very cool Twilight of the Cockroaches) is sung as they are marched off to the dirty clothes bin.

I'm just thinking of all the historical figures I'd like to smack with a funky towel. . . How a perfectly placed *swack* could effect history. . . Facinating. . .
During the early stages of the muslim conquest of Spain a crucial seige was decided by a soldier sneaking up to one of the walls at night unravelling his turban (with a knot at one end) throwing it up into a crack in the wall, shimmying up and opening the gates. I'm not sure if this was the deciding factor in ensuring that the Muslims were in Spain for 800 years (and helping to end the Dark Ages in Europe) but it pleases me to think to. That guy (if he survived the war) probably garnered a few generations worth of bragging rights.

If he could do that with a turban you can probably do at least as much with a towel but you'll have a devil of a time picking the right moment.
I think a filthy towel would be more likely to kickstart the development of life in the primordial soup, rather than stop it.
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