Monday, August 21, 2006


Early Muppet Commercials

Well, I've got one day's worth of work left on X-Men: The Return. Sadly, though, it appears that day won't be today. That pesky life thing getting in the way again. Instead, I'll be spending a day on the Georgia Patrol, probably running a few necessary errands and the like.

I still have nothing but Claremont-era X-Men on the brain, so I won't be much for the cogent commentary until after WorldCon I'm guessing. But to tide you over, here are some really incredible early commercials that Jim Henson did for Wilkins Coffee. Truly anarchic stuff, and one can easily see the roots of later characters in these. I particularly like the sales hook, which is essentially, "Drink Wilkins Coffee, or horrible things will happen to you." Instant Coffee Karma.

Have I mentioned lately that I love YouTube?

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