Friday, August 04, 2006


Continuity? You're soaking in it...

If I've been a bit lax in posting the last few days, it's because I've been--while not on the Georgia Patrol--elbow-deep in old X-Men comics. I'll be finishing X-Men: The Return between now and the end of August, and I'm making an effort to include every underused supporting character that I can squeeze in. To give you an idea what I'm going for, here, two of the principal characters in the novel are Brigadier Alysande Stuart and Aleytys Forrester. Doctor Peter Corbeau gets a significant cameo, and I'm trying to work in Colonel Michael Rossi at the moment. If you have to ask, "Who?", then you obviously didn't waste as much time as I did reading Chris Claremont comics a couple of decades back. Claremont had a habit of littering his little corner of the Marvel universe with fascinating supporting characters that he'd use once or twice, then discard for years at a time. Occasionally they'd come back, sometimes in significant ways, but sometimes they'd be forgotten forever. With any luck, as many of them as possible will be making onstage appearances in The Return, if only for brief cameos, and I'll get to show what I think they got up to in the intervening years.

As for pre-Claremont characters, I should assure Jess Nevins that, yes, I'm making every effort to include Bernard the Poet, though I suspect that Coffee-A-Go-Go might end up a bit worse for wear, when it's all said and done.


(I just realized: he needs a back-up band, the Bebop Bonobos. Because what else says "Bernard the Poet" than similarly-inclined talking monkeys?)
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