Saturday, July 01, 2006


Seven Soldiers #1

Aargh! In a write up of the Heros Con DC Nation Panel, comes the following gut-punch:
"Speaking of Morrison, Didio noted that Seven Soldiers #1, the conclusion of Morrison’s epic, is looking like it will be out in October."
Delayed from June, remember. Again, I say Aargh!

The only bit of good news was the reveal that Morrison is responsible for the Animal Man scenes in the ongoing 52, which means I'm probably on safer ground to begin ignoring the other sections in this slow-moving trainwreck. (Thankfully, if nothing else, the truly horrible "History of the DC Universe" backup strip has got to be winding up any week now. And what a godawful piece of shit that's been.)

The worst thing about it is that being Morrison (and JH Williams), it'll actually be worth the wait no matter how long we have to wait for it...

And yeah, the History feature in 52 is, in my considered judgement, the worst executed mess since the Clone Saga...
Oh, I've no doubt it'll be worth the wait. I just wish I didn't have to wait quite so long!

But oy, what the hell is that backup for? Who do they think the intended audience is, anyway? I'd gone in anticipating something like the two issue History of the DC Universe mini that was published after Crisis on Infinite Earth wrapped, showing the history of this new unified earth, but instead we get this half-assed, horribly executed "History of DC Crossovers," instead, which seems to focus on lots of past events that didn't happen in the new continuity. What?!
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