Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Paul Cornell's Wisdom

It's always nice to get back from Comic Con, and have a chance to get online and see what actually happened there. Case in point, the news breaks about my friend Paul Cornell's forthcoming series for Marvel's Max line, Wisdom. Paul's novel British Summertime is due out from MonkeyBrain Books next spring/summer, for those keeping score at home.

Thanks very much, Chris. I've been amazed at the online reaction. People on various message boards have been using the Peter Wars banners all over the place! You get some sleep now!

It was good to bump into you (too briefly) at the Benbella booth. I'm sorry I didn't stop to chat but I was caught in the slightly overwhelming experience of my first Comic-con.

I'm going to track down a copy of PARAGAEA as it sound's great.


Simon (Spanton)
(tall lanky bloke that Lou has mentioned)
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