Friday, July 14, 2006


One Week

Okay, in the last seven days, I've finished writing one novel, written a proposal for another, revised a short story at an editor's request, read the better part of six Michael Moorcock novels (half of one, four complete, half of another), read nine comic books, spent many hours on the Georgia Patrol, and watched a handful of BBC documentaries. So why do I still feel like I haven't gotten anything done in days?

Oh, sure, trump me and my I-finished-a-draft LJ post. :-)
Hey, Jess, I didn't say that any of the things I'd done were any good!

But I just saw your LJ post a few minutes ago. Congratulations! I look forward to reading it. Will you start shopping it around now, or do a rewrite and then send it out the door?
Hey, just managing to get -any- writing done while on Georgia Patrol is an achievement, I'm sure.

No, won't start shopping it around. It's still a good two drafts away from being readable by anyone other than me. But I hope to have it pitch- and shopping-ready by next summer, if not sooner. (Contracted-for work's gotta come first, right?)
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