Tuesday, July 11, 2006



Umm, Frank Frazetta, WETA, Mike Mignola, and more contributing to a pulp-inspired comic project about globetrotting cryptozoologists?

Yes, please.

"Cryptid is a story created in the spirit of the classic pulp fiction action adventures of the 1930's. Kipling McKay is a soldier/safari hunter who is recruited by a secret society of cryptozoologists to hunt down and capture Cryptids. During Kip's adventures he joins forces with a powerful Yeti and a beautiful scientist. The story has heaping doses of suspense, action adventure and humor. The comic and film script was written to work for multiple markets. Each issue will end with a cliffhanger, leaving our hero Kip McKay battling an unstoppable Cryptid creature…"

There's every chance that Cryptid could be very not good, but on paper it's sounding well worth checking out.

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